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TIME TRAP trailer

One man’s genius and another man’s greed send a scientific team into a terrifying time warp paradox. Civil War soldiers, extraterrestrials and dinosaurs inhabit this incredible realm with no boundaries. Their hopes for survival mean nothing unless they can recover the Krakov crystal which powers their time travel mechanism. Will they re-emerge into a familiar world or a bizarre universe where reptiles have taken the place of humans?

Special Agent Seth Marshall is given a mysterious and deadly assignment. A Space Shuttle has exploded on re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. Something…or someone…jettisoned from the craft immediately prior to its destruction.

Seth is informed that the government has created a top-secret team of cyborg assassins deadlier than any weapon known to mankind. One of them caused the destruction of the space shuttle and is now headed for Washington, DC. Its mission: to detonate a nuclear bomb in the nation’s capital!

Agent Marshall and the beautiful scientist, Samantha Faulkner, attempt to locate and disable the killer cyborg. The living weapon evades them at every turn, leaving a trail of corpses in its path.

Unless stopped, the Bio-tech Warrior, will end civilization as we know it.


In 1995, I produced two science fiction films: Time Trap and Bio-Tech Warrior. Without my approval, Time Trap (under the title Time Tracers) received a very limited VHS release. As far as I know Bio-Tech Warrior has never been released. Neither of these movies has been available on DVD before now. Only 1,000 total units will be released under this Limited Edition Collector's Release. Ever! The masters will be vaulted for the remainder of my lifetime. Order now and take advantage of this exceptional collectible bargain.